Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sneak peak of Shop update on April 9th

Not all pictures will be shown . This is just a taste of whats to come:) This is a teaser Check the store out on Friday 9th off and on all day !.. Lots of yarns

Note to those will allergies Tree used was a fruit tree (cherry)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We have new Yarn

We have new yarn coming in stock! We will have some sport weight sock yarn, some merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn, some merino/nylon sock yarn, some tight twist merino sock yarn, some regular merino sock yarn. Some merino/silk lace weight yarn. As always they will all be superwash except the lace weight. .

I am thinking of doing solid to semi-solid this time to. Is there a color you want to see?

God bless you all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to the Sock Summit 2009

Yummee Yarns will be going to the Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon August 6-9 at the Oregon Convention Center.! Where you ask ? It will be in the : Wild Geese Fibers booth at Sock Summit ! My yarn will be in a kit. There will be very limited quantity's . So hurry and get this wonderful kit. What kinda kit you ask? My yarn is being used by a designer of socks in a color work kit. Her name is Barb Brown of Wild Geese Fibers in Canada. . I am so happy to have the yarn going to the sock summit. She is a wonderful sock designer! This may make me dip my toe into some color work and actually knit some color work socks for myself. I hope my yarn will see you at the sock summit!! There will also be other sock yarn company's in here kits that are very wonderful dyers to.! God Bless!

Here's a sneak Peek!

Yummee Yarn for sale on Uptown Stitches !

Yummee Yarn is for sale on the new website Uptown Stitches! The colorways that are for sale on there are Forests Canopy, Raspberry Sorbet , Jewel of the Nile, Plum Crazy, Roasted Nuts, Grape Tiger.

Grape Tiger
Roasted Nuts
Jewel of the Nile

Plum Crazy
Raspberry Sorbet
Forests Canopy

Uptown Stitches Link

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shope Update

I will be updating my shop on MONDAY MAY 18TH @ 11:30 am central time. I will be posting all new colorways. They will be semi-solids colorways. Plus two new colorways that I will not be repeating! So come and have a look to see if you like my semi-solids. God Bless

Friday, May 8, 2009

Semi-Solids Coming Soon!

I am currently dyeing Semi-Solids? Now the question is to you customers. Most of you know I love dyeing very bright, bold, vivid colors. Would you like to see them in a semi-solid sock yarn? Well I have some in the process as we speak. I am working on a couple of ideals as well.
Here are some

1. Contest where the prize will either be 1,312 yard skein of lace in a merino/silk blend or a normal skein of sock yarn.
2. Selling for a discount price to those of you who buy through private email when yarns and colors are in stock .
3. Having a Sale!

Which do you think you would like?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yummee Yarn Shop

Well here is my link to my shop it is Go check it out and let me know what you think.